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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Have you ever received an email that looks like the picture below?

Were you tempted to click on the link where it says confirm account?  You probably thought, well gee, it looks like it’s from Microsoft, it can’t hurt to click on the link right?  Wrong!  These types of emails are known as "phishing emails."  They are looking to get information from you or perhaps ask you to change your password.  If you hover over the link of an email such as this, you will see that it probably goes to some random address that has nothing to do with Microsoft.  Perhaps you fill out a form giving them your email address and/or other personal information.  This is what scammers live for!  They hope you are not paying attention and provide them with information to exploit you.  Don’t do it!  When you receive any suspicious email, go with your gut feeling about it.  If it’s suspicious, it’s probably not real, even if it appears to be.  Hover over links in emails to see where that link is actually leading to.  DO NOT click on the link.  If you have any doubt about a suspicious email, contact Glasser Tech at 516-762-0155 and we will be happy to look at it with you.  

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