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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Glasser Tech and MataJure Working Together to Boost Efficiency Inside Law Firms

Glasser Tech, a leading provider of technology consulting to the legal industry, together with MetaJure, developer of an automated document management system (DMS) for the legal industry and ILLUMINATE, the enterprise search tool that works seamlessly with other DMS, today announced a working partnership aimed at helping law firms boost efficiency, improve profitability and ensure ethical compliance.   

“We are excited to offer MetaJure’s impressive tools to our clients,” said Michael Glasser. “With MetaJure DMS or ILLUMINATE enterprise search, law firms can quickly and easily manage and find their documents and emails. These products are easy to use, fast to implement, and affordable.” 

MetaJure’s DMS automatically collects and indexes all of a firm’s information and gives lawyers and staff the ability to retrieve it with a simple Google-like search. ILLUMINATE enterprise search is fully integrated with Worldox, NetDocuments and other DMS, so that firms and legal departments can seamlessly find emails and documents regardless of whether they are stored inside or outside their existing DMS.

“Our mission at MetaJure is to ensure that firms and legal departments have easy access to 100% of their intellectual property,” said CEO Rob Arnold. “With all their knowledge at their fingertips, lawyers can realize greater value from their work product, expertise and wisdom.”

Call Glasser Tech to learn more about how these products could make a big difference in your firm. (516) 762-0155. 

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