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Monday, April 10, 2017

Taking Security Seriously

Over and over recently we have seen small businesses come under attack from ransomware and viruses to phishing attempts.  Don't think that just because you have a small business that you are free from the worry of a cyberattack.  Around 40 Percent of cyberattacks specifically target small businesses according to the publication Small Business Trends.  There are ways to combat cyberattacks and protect your business, whatever the size.

1)  The human factor:   Some of what causes your business to be at risk for a cyberattack is your own employees. They are often tempted to click on a bad link or open a risky website.  Your first step of defense is a good educational training program for employees.  Glasser Tech provides easy training for employees so they are more aware and can recognize and avoid bad links or emails. 

2)  Focus on your data:  How can you best protect it?  Talk to your IT solutions provider about how best to protect information.  They may suggest using antivirus, strong passwords, email encryption and/or a business class firewall. Protecting your data is key because it is the backbone of your business. One data breach could easily take down your entire company.  

3) Maximize the use of your firewall:   Glasser Tech sells WatchGuard Firewalls that come with a UTM bundle.  UTM stands for Unified Threat Management which contains a ton of security controls in one simple platform.  These solutions are perfect for small to medium sized firms.  Everything is consolidated in one appliance and that makes for easy deployment and ongoing management which maximizes your return on investment. 

4) Make sure to have a backup plan: In reality, no one has a perfect security plan.  But the best way to ensure minimal impact on your company if a security event occurs is to have a disaster recovery and backup solution. Glasser Tech's Disaster and Recovery Backup solution includes onsite and offsite backups that occur hourly.  So in most cases of a virus or ransomware, even an electrical or storm related issue, we can restore your data back to the previous hour.  Being prepared can make all the difference.  

 Security is serious because you don't want your company data or your clients' data out there for just anyone to see.  For information of how we can assist you with your best defense against a cyberattack, call us at 516-762-0155. 






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