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Thursday, May 4, 2017

World Password Day is May 4, 2017

When was the last time you changed your password?  Why not do it today in honor of World Password day.  In this day of phishing attacks, social engineering attacks, cybercrime and identity theft, changing your password is vital both professionally and personally.   

Here are some best practice tips for password policy:

  1.  Create a strong password.  This seems like a no brainer but people are still using password or 12345.  A strong password should contain at least 8 characters which include symbols,  upper and lower case letters and a number.
  2. Don’t leave passwords out in the open! Once you have created your new password(s) don’t leave them out in the open for everyone to see.  You may think because your password is on a sticky note attached to your computer that not many people can see it but anyone who comes into your office can see it as well as the cleaning crew and building maintenance. 
  3. Think about implementing two factor authentication.  This would mean you might have to also put in a pin or answer a security question that only you would know to get into your computer or certain sites, i.e., banking. 
  4. Make sure your employees use password protection for any mobile devices that might have company information on them and that they leave them in secure locations at all times.   AS we become more mobile, we are constantly using our phones, tablets and laptops as we travel.  As much as possible make sure your devices are left in car or suitcase where sensitive information could be easily found if stolen.
  5. Consider using password management.  There are password management programs that hold all admin and other passwords.  These programs are regulatory compliant and help with your security audits.  Password management helps to eliminate redundant passwords or password fatigue as well as provides a central vault for added security.

It may seem overwhelming to change all of your passwords in one day.  So make it a policy to change select passwords on a monthly basis or every 90 days.  If you need assistance with password changes, please call us at Glasser Tech at (516) 762-0155.

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