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How Important is your E-Mail?

Does your company survive on e-mail? What would you do if your e-mail server went down? How do you answer e-mails if you can't get them or send them? Glasser Tech's Mail Protection offers the one thing that will keep your business up when your e-mail server is down. Mail Continuity. Our Mail Protection provides integrated message queuing as well as on-demand full e-mail service. You will be able to access and respond to queued message even while your server is down.

Zero Hour Virus Protection

Our mail protection has Zero-hour virus protection. Did you know that over 90 percent of viruses that you receive come through your e-mail? Glasser Tech's Mail Protection will detect any virus at the earliest stage of an outbreak, even before it's detected by your antivirus program helping to avoid the substantial cost of recovery from an e-mail borne infection.

No Lost Messages

Let's say someone says they sent you an e-mail message but you never got it. Where did it go? Glasser Tech Mail Protection minimizes the chance that a legitimate message will be flagged as spam. You can even specify multiple criteria to prevent desired messages from ever being flagged. Our aggressive filter can be fine-tuned companywide or on a per user basis.

Advanced Features

Glasser Tech's Mail Protection provides you with daily digests of detected spam messages, full message search and delivery reports. Let us show you the power of this valuable tool for your business.

Ease of Use

Glasser Tech's Mail Protection was designed with simplicity in mind. Users do not need to install or learn any new software or hardware nor change the way they use their mail. With Glasser Tech Mail Protection users simply receive virus-free email and dramatically less spam.

Act Now

Call our office at 516-762-0155 and talk to us about how Glasser Tech Mail Protection can benefit your business. If you can't be without e-mail, you can't be without Glasser Tech Mail Protection services.

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