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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Webex plugin for Chrome may allow Malware to be downloaded to your computer

If you use WebEx's plugin on your Chrome browser you need to patch it now.  If you happen to go to a URL that contains the string that WebEx uses to remotely start a meeting or visit your computer you may be in trouble.  This string, if on a website you visit, can remotely execute code or command to allow an attacker access to your computer. An updated version of the plug-in for WebEx will roll out automatically.  To check if you have the latest version, Go to your extensions page, If you have version 1.0.3. you are good.  If not, click the developer mode checkbox and then click the update extensions now button.  

To best protect yourself, however, your best bet would be to use a dedicated profile.  First uninstall WebEx from the Extensions page.  Then click the menu in the top-right corner, it can be your name or a small person icon and click Manage People.  Click add person, call it WebEx and click save.  You will now be in a broswer with WebEX in the top right corner.  (It's called a profile and what you have done is create a profile for Webex).  Install WeEx again in this window profile.  To find it later from your normal profile, click on the top right menu and then click WebEx.  Use this profile for any WebEx that you need to do going forward.  For help, please contact Glasser Tech at 516-762-0155. 

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