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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Beware of Phishing

Every day there are numerous phishing emails sent.  You may have seen them in your daily email.  But since phishing has been around for a long time, you think you know the signs or attributes of a phishing email and just delete them automatically.  However, just as everything else has evolved over time, so has phishing.  New kinds of attacks are on the rise including Spear Fishing which are emails targeted towards specific industries and some are so credible they often don't meet spam filter requirements and easily make it through to your inbox.  They can include URL's which when clicked on can cause malware or ransomeware to be downloaded automatically.  Also coming on strong is the highly specific emails where attackers create an email address very similar to your own company email and pretend to be the boss sending you an email to transfer funds or provide employee information.  Because the email looks legitimate, employees often go ahead with the task requested.  If you use Google Drive or Dropbox, be aware that phishing campaigns have been directed towards these 2 cloud based storage services as well.  Attackers can attach an image the looks like a harmless PDF but when clicked on directs you to an account phishing site.  So how can you protect yourself and your company from being harmed?  Think before reacting.  Did this email come unsolicited? Then call the person who allegedly sent it.  Ask if they sent you a document, attachment or URL link.  If they did not send it to you, assume it's malicious and delete it.  Never give out any personal information through email.  If you get an email from a supervisor asking for personal information go and speak with them in person.  If an email looks suspicious, it probably is.  This is one instance where it's good to be skeptical.  

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